Little Brook Farm
Contact: Kristen Whittle
Address: 334 Russell Street Sunderland, MA, 01375
Email Address:
Phone: 413-222-4712
About Us
We are a small diversified livestock farm in Sunderland. We pride ourselves on producing meats from happy, healthy, humanely raised animals. We raise pork, lamb, chicken and turkeys. We also produce a small number of many different colored free range eggs. Our meats are sold to restaurants and butcher shops throughout the valley and from right here at the farm. We sell whole frozen chickens that range from 4-6 lbs. and pork and lamb by the cut. We sell most of our pork and lamb by the whole or half animal, cut to the buyers preferences and start taking reservations for them right after the first of the year. Meat can be picked up here at the farm by appointment. Contact us by email or phone to see what is available.

We also sell special lap blankets made from our own wool. These can be shipped by us anywhere in the country. "The Blessing Blanket" is woven by the oldest woolen mill in North America, making this an heirloom quality gift.

No Farms No Farm Girls bumper stickers also available. Please check out our website.
Our farm follows healthy sustainable practices in the care of our livestock. Our meats are natural, growth hormone and antibiotic free. We enjoy sharing our farming philosophy with the next generation and run farm camps and workshops right here at the farm. We believe in co-existing with the local wildlife and use management practices such as guard llamas and overhead netting to protect our livestock from predators.