Apex Orchards
Contact: Courtney Basil
Address: 153 Peckville Rd Shelburne , MA, 01370
Email Address:
Phone: 413-625-2744
About Us
Apex Orchards is a 7th generation fruit farm in Shelburne MA run by owner Tim Smith and managed by Courtney Basil. The farm has been supplying the finest farm fresh produce since 1828, and that tradition continues today. We currently grow 30 acres of tree fruit and Christmas trees and most of our land is protected through the APR Program. We grow a wide array of tree fruits, including apples, peaches, nectarines, apricots, quince, pears, Asian pears, blueberries and table grapes. We pride ourselves in the diversity of fruit that we sell. We think you’ll be impressed too! Our fruit is sold in stores throughout the local area, at farmers markets, and of course, at our Farm Store. Western Massachusetts is without a doubt one of the top fruit growing regions in the world. The soil, the micro-climate, and the varieties all combine to give our customers the best tasting fruit possible. You can see what we are up to by visiting our Facebook page or Instagram account.