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City: Geneva, NY, 14456
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About Us
Stony Brook is committed to using US grown ingredients sourced from our Finger Lakes region to create savory culinary oils and seed snacks. We work directly with New York farmers to source seeds used in our products. We obtain the seeds directly from the farms following the fall harvest. By committing to local sourcing, we aim to support local production, to promote environmental and economic health in the Finger Lakes region.
A decade ago, Stony Brook started working with Martin Farms, a large produce farm in upstate New York to experiment with growing what are known as oilseed pumpkins, typically grown in Austria for pumpkin seed oil and seed snacks. Over the years, the farm has devoted more acreage to grow this pumpkin variety, which remains relatively rare in the US.

The flesh of oilseed pumpkins is not palatable, with the energy of the plant directed to create abundant and tasty seeds. Unlike the rough texture of roasted jack o’ lantern pumpkin seed many of us enjoyed as kids at Halloween, the seeds of an oilseed pumpkin have been bred to create a delicate, edible seed without a hull, that can be easily pressed for oil or eaten as a snack.