Everyday Farm
Address: 469 Main Rd. Gill, MA,
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About Us
Everyday Farm was started in 2018 and is owned and operated by Hannah Sol and Joseph Connelly. They began farming with the shared goal of growing healthy food for themselves and then for others. They started with market gardening and had their first Vegetable CSA program in 2018. Soon after came eggs, fruit trees, pork, and lamb.

Everyday Farm in Gill is on family land that goes back to Hannah’s great-grandfather who had a dairy farm called Captain Kidd Island Farm. It was then taken over by Hannah’s grandparents and was an active dairy until the mid 70s. In 2009 Hannah’s parents, Andy and Jen, built a house up the hill from Grandma’s house and planted fruit trees, blueberries, raspberries, and started gardens. Family is an important part of what keeps Everyday Farm going!

The sheep at Everyday Farm can be found grazing on many different fields in Gill, Bernardston, and Leyden. Most of the flock will be overwintering on a rented farm in Leyden, which includes a beautiful old barn. Hannah and Joe are passionate about regenerating and preserving local farm land while growing delicious grass-fed lamb, pork, and eggs.