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Contact: Frank Martinelli
Address: 56 Peeptoad Road N. Scituate, RI, 02857
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Phone: 401-300-8267
Website: 56 Peeptoad Road
About Us
Martinelli's Farm and Charcuterie is located in Scituate, Rhode Island. At Martinelli’s, true farming craftsmanship is at the heart of our business. Our animals are happy animals and our products are an example of the care and love we put into our adventure here on the farm. Our dry-aged meats are derived from the high concentration of dairy that our hogs are fed daily, and seasonally farm fresh veggies are also part of their diet. Our beef is mostly grass fed and we also supplement their diet with seasonally fresh vegetables. We strive to deliver the highest quality foods at all times.
Hogs are one of the only animals that taste like what they eat. Our hogs are fed a very high concentration of quality dairy (consisting of cheese, Yogurt, and Milk). They are also fed tomatoes, squash (summer and winter), peppers, kale and other fresh vegetables during the summer and fall months. Brewers spent grains, peanuts, acorns, and all natural Italian bread are also fed out. All of these excellent meals contributes to making our hogs so tasty that you will not experience a more delicious cut of Pork or Charcuterie. Our Beef is grass fed and Brewers spent grain finishes them off. All our animals are born on the farm, raised on the farm, and they leave from the farm.