High Lawn Farm
Address: 535 Summer Street Lee, MA, 01238
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Phone: 413-243-0672
About Us
In the center of the beautiful Berkshires, in western Massachusetts, sits 1500 acres of unspoiled farm land called High Lawn Farm. Eight-hundred of those acres are protected woodland that support boundless wildlife, as well as provide a glorious tapestry in the fall. It’s a spectacular environment in which to raise our pure Jersey cattle herd and produce our milk products. Our current line of farmstead creamery products include milk (whole, low fat, fat free, chocolate), half & half, heavy cream, artisanal cheeses, slow-churned and herb-infused butters, cultured ghee, and ice cream.
We use state of the art technology that promises clean, 100% natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free milk every time. And because we’re an all-Jerseys’ farm, our cows use less land and resources which means a more sustainable operation and a smaller carbon footprint.