Carr's Ciderhouse
Contact: Nicole Blum and Jonathan Carr
Address: 295 River Drive Hadley, MA, 01035
Email Address:
Phone: 413-336-7363
About Us
Carr's Ciderhouse, an artisanal producer of traditional New England cider products, is based at Preservation Orchard - our no-spray regenerative fruit and nut farm - located on the northwest slope of Mount Warner in Hadley. The shallow sandy-loam soil of this hillside, underlain with quartzite and feldspar bedrock, enables us to grow intensely-flavored apples of high sugar content. In the past few years we have started to diversify by planting acreage to berries, chestnuts, heartnut, and persimmons. We hope to start hosting cider pourings and local food picnics up at the orchard in the future, so keep your eye on social media this fall!

We currently sell our traditional wild-fermented hard ciders in a few local stores and from our barn, by appointment.
We practice minimal mowing to preserve habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife (though maybe we don't love deer or voles so very much) and rely on the resilience of traditional and modern pest- and disease-resistant cultivars of fruit and nuts. We maintain fertility without the use of off-farm inputs by practicing silvopasture (i.e. rotational grazing with sheep and goats) and soil-building through cover crops and establishing a strong legume component in the orchard understory.