Maine Sea Salt
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Evaporate sea water in ten 15' x 200' green houses. The sea water comes from Buck's Harbor in Maine.

The sea water is moved into the first set of houses for two reasons: 1. allow anything in the water to settle out, and to reduce the sea water to 50% salinity. 2. this method repeated and the water filtered and reduced to 70% in another set of Green Houses. The water is finally pumped to the finishing house for making salt. Here the pool completely evaporates leaving behind the sea salt.

The Maine Sea Salt is in piles. Then placed in bins to further drain. Maine Sea Salt is than taken to the production area where ground. The salt when ground releases more moisture from the crystals. We layer the damp salt between linen towels to finally remove any remaining moisture. The salt is never heated, for example: in a kiln, nor is it washed. Maine Sea Salt is then sifted, to separate various crystal sizes for packaging.

We do not add drying agents to the salt, kept in it's simplest natural state.
Maine Sea Salt is Evaporated in Shallow Pools In Green Houses.

The Green Houses are solar panels in effect, evaporating the sea water using the sun for the heat source. Salt production is seasonal. During the summer months, the sun warms the pools. The pools are shallow, too deep a pool will not heat enough in a day's cycle. The sun and it's position in the sky determine our season and like farmers the weather is very important.

Solar is also the best method for salt crystals to form.