Harlow Farm
City: Westminster, VT,
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About Us
Harlow Farm now includes the original home farm and Harlow Farmstand, owned and operated by brother Dan Harlow. It includes Kestrel Farm, also located in Westminster, which was owned and operated by brother Tom Harlow in the 1990s, and River View Farm in Putney. All three farms have been conserved through the Vermont Land Trust. Harlow Farm was named Vermont Sustainable Farm of the Year in 1998, the second year the award was given.

Now Paul and many hard-working employees raise about 150 acres of organic vegetables, sold at the farmstand and at grocery stores and cooperatives in New England and along the East Coast as far south as Florida. Lettuce, which grows well in the rich, well-drained soils of the Connecticut River Valley, is one of our largest crops. We also grow lots of beets, carrots, sweet corn, squash, kale, and cabbage.

We raise organically fed cattle, pigs, turkeys, and chickens, who eat well on farm pastures and excess vegetables – one steer can eat 10 to 15 pounds of beets and carrots daily. There are 800 free-range laying hens that are fed organically and take advantage of the rich diversity of worms and bugs around the farm.