Bob's Turkey Farm
Contact: Richard Van Hoof
Address: 181 Old Common Rd. Lancaster, MA, 01523
Email Address:
Phone: 978-365-9271
About Us
Bob’s Turkey farm is a family owned and operated business. Robert Van Hoof started this business in 1954 with just 125 turkeys. We have had to say “goodbye” to Bob, as he passed away this Spring, we are now a second generation family farm. We continue to raise approximately 12,000 turkeys on our farm in Lancaster.

Richard Van Hoof, Bob’s son, is responsible for the breeding, hatching and raising of the turkeys. Susan Miner, Bob’s daughter, is responsible for the retail part of the business as well as the bookkeeping. Casey MacGregor, Bob’s grandson, is now responsible for our farm kitchen.
Our turkeys are Massachusetts Grown, all natural, free range. They are fed a balanced diet consisting of corn and soybean, NO HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTICS.

Our turkeys are a Broad Breasted White Turkey originating in Andover, MA. We breed, raise, and slaughter all of our own turkeys here in Lancaster. All of our turkeys are fed a well balanced grain diet. We do use a preventative feed while they are baby turkeys, however, it does not contain antibiotics. This gives our birds a healthy start before they transition to natural nutrients. Our birds are grown in barns and outdoor pens, free to move around as they wish.