Sfoglini Pasta
Contact: Steve Gonzalez
Address: 25 Vermilyea Lane West Coxsackie, NY, 12192
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About Us
We’re dedicated to sourcing top quality American organic grains and using traditional Italian methods to bring you the same pasta served at the most revered restaurants.

Sfoglini sources the best American organic semolina flour and unique ingredients from local farms and green markets to create innovative pastas. Traditional bronze dies/plates produce the beautiful rough texture that gives your sauce something to cling to, and we slow-dry our pastas at low temperature to preserve flavor and nutrients.
Sfoglini’s traditional offerings include sixteen organic durum semolina pastas plus a series of New York State grain pastas made with organic whole-grain, rye, emmer, einkorn and spelt flours. In addition to their signature pastas, Sfoglini also produces a line of seasonal pastas made with fresh, local ingredients from local farms, including sriracha, spearmint, and basil from Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland.