Parish Hill Creamery
Contact: Peter Dixon & Rachel Fritz Schaal
Address: 131 West Parish Hill Rd Putney, VT, 05346
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Phone: 802-324-4201
About Us
Seasonal, Handmade, Raw Milk Cheese

At Parish Hill Creamery, we are dedicated to elemental cheesemaking -- a throwback to an earlier time. We get our raw milk just up the road from the Elm Lea Farm at the Putney School, and only make cheese when the cows are out on pasture. Our cheese is always made with raw milk, autochthonous cultures, traditional rennet, and Maine sea salt. Our work is focused on cultivating craft, and honoring the heritage of traditional cheesemaking.

Peter Dixon is a cheesemaker, teacher, and dairy foods consultant from Westminster West, Vermont. Peter made his first cheeses 37 years ago at the Guilford Cheese Company. Rachel's mission is to make and inspire other cheesemakers to make the very best cheese possible: championing small farms, exceptional milk, traditional methods, and the education necessary to make folk cheese in the modern world.

Cows graze on hill farm pastures.