Our Daily Bread
City: Chatham, NY,
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About Us
Our Daily Bread is a small, artisanal, family-owned and operated bakery nestled
between New York’s Hudson Valley & Capital District.
In 1977, Our Daily Bread Bakery was born in the railroad town of Chatham - we began
baking traditional, artisan hearth loaves in the European style & delivering them down to the
Union Square Green Market. Not much has changed since then. We use time honored, basic
hand-made techniques, we support local farms and farmers by using 50% local grains in our
breads, and bake through the night to deliver oven-fresh loaves and mouthwatering, buttery
pastries. Find us at farmers markets, restaurants, coops, indepedent grocery stores, and select
delivery services in and around the Hudson Valley, Capital District, Western Mass and New
York City.