Radicle Farm
Address: 394 Broadway New York, NY, 10013
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About Us
Jim and Tony founded Radicle Farm to explore the depths of fresh, flavorful and intriguing salad greens. Their journey has included years spent experimenting with countless seed varieties and growing methods in their New York and New Jersey greenhouses, conferring with New York City's top chefs, and partnering with like-minded, progressive farmers to find the very best leafy greens (and sometimes tomatoes and cucumbers). The result is nutrient dense leafy greens, microgreens and edible flowers that are bursting with flavor, color and freshness.

We’ve chosen our growing facilities – 60,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space in New Jersey and upstate New York – intentionally. We employ rural and urban farmers, maximize the growing potential of otherwise forgotten spaces, and provide fresh greens to customers in four major metropolitan regions within 300 miles of our greenhouses.
When a seed is planted, its first move isn't upward, but downward - before the first leaves reach for the sun, the first root, called the radicle, grounds itself within the earth. We are inspired by the self-determination inherent in our plants, so we intervene in that process as little as possible. We provide only what the plant needs to thrive, and then let nature take its course.

We take pride in letting nature guide us. We see beauty in the longer stem of a mizuna leaf or the individuality of an heirloom tomato. Our salad mixes change throughout the year to tell the story of the seasons on our farms.