Tupper Farm
Contact: Ralph Tupper
City: Brewster, MA, 02631
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Phone: 774-836-7822
About Us
Ralph Tupper grows several varieties of cranberries on 3 acres of bogs in East Brewster, some of the oldest bogs on Cape Cod. Ralph bought the land in 1965 and has farmed the bogs most every year since then. He produces fresh cranberries in four different varieties.
Ralph Tupper farms without pesticides, and sells cranberries at the Orleans Farmers Market. The first cranberry crop of the season are the Early Blacks. Darker in color and sweeter in taste — “still tart, but not as tart” — this variety is specially popular for juice. Later in the season, he harvests Howes berries, a variety discovered by E. Howes in 1843 in East Dennis.