Green Earth Poultry
Contact: Martin Anderton
Address: 195 River Road Sunderland, MA, 01375
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Phone: 413-325-1586
About Us
Homestead Habitats Chickens is located in Big River Chestnut's orchard and edible food forest, at 195 River Rd, Sunderland MA. We are part of a research project studying the effects of agroforestry and rotational grazing of animals on carbon sequestration and soil health.
Our chickens are provided open-sided shelters that are moved to fresh ground once a day between the aisles of the young chestnut orchard. As a result they get a greater variety of bugs, greens, and fungus to eat than they would in an open pasture setting. This diverse diet is supplemented by organic feed, and we follow all organic practices. Each chicken gets access to roughly 16 square feet of fresh pasture per day, and are protected from land predators by an electric fence, while our guard geese and hanging strings protect from aerial predators.

At Homestead Habitats we deeply appreciate and respect the lives of these creatures that are put in our care, and that we will take to provide for ourselves and our community. We feel that it is our duty and honor to provide them the best lives we can even at the end of their lives. We are honored to work with Reed Farm less than a mile away from our farm to process our birds in the most humane way we can.

Our chickens not only provide us with food, but they are helping reverse climate change as they fertilize and protect plants that then sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Thank you for being a part of this effort.